Life is Like a Rose

We all come from different types of soil and growing seasons; some rich, some rocky, others sandy. Our growing conditions and seasons are all different. We all gain our nourishment in different ways, yet each and every one of you is beautiful in our own way. Complexity of a rose is much like the complexity […]

Hey Lady, What’s in Your Bag Weighing You Down?

By Joanne R Kanute BCMCLC, AACC, CAS, CIM, Cos. Have you ever grabbed your handbag on the way out the door to do a quick errand and thought, what have I got in this bag?? Every day an item or two we add to our bag, it isn’t long; we can’t believe how heavy it […]

Vital Three S’s in Life

  Self-Image   What exactly does self-image mean? Self-image is what you believe other people think about you! This is not always the truth of what others believe about you but it is what YOU believe and that is what matters! Appearance is one of the building blocks to our self-image. Seven out of 10 […]

Baby Boomer BUST!

The “Club Sandwich” generation! By Joanne R Kanute, BCMCLC, AACC, CIM, CSA, Cos.   The average person spends approximately 17 ½ years caring for their children, but also spend 18 ½ years caring for an older relative or spouse. And now we are adding responsibilities of grandchildren and often adult children, we are the “Baby […]

Who Pushed Your Pause Button?

Perfectionism & Procrastination By Joanne R Kanute, BCMCLC, AACC, CIM, CSA, Cos.        Have you ever found yourself crying over a B+ or second place? There’s a chance you are a perfectionist! Perfectionism is generally a social root that derives from external rather than an internal source.   If you’re going to do […]

10 Steps to Finding the “NEW YOU”!

      Do you battle with keeping a positive self-image or self-esteem? I DID, during my childhood I was told several times a week I was fat, ugly, dumb and would never amount to anything! This was a daily battle I carried into my earlier adult years. Does it ever completely disappear? No, it […]

Image – SEND!

     Have you ever sent an email and right after you pushed send, you realized you didn’t want to send it yet? Your image or first impression is a lot like email. Once you have sent your “First Impression” it is next to impossible to get it back.      A first impression is a […]

Today’s Microwave Society

Today people seem to want everything instantly! Have you noticed the hurry-up/quick atmosphere we live in? What affect is this “Microwave Society” to our health and wellness? The Urban Dictionary defines microwave society as “the mindset of wanting (and nearly getting) everything “right now”. Many people feel they don’t have the time to prepare a […]

Take Charge of Your Life, Claim Responsibility

“Society has gotten to the point where everybody has a right but nobody has a responsibility.” ~ Unknown             No one is responsible for your happiness but yourself! No one else can make you happy but you! You will never make any changes to your life or make progress in life if you don’t take […]

“The Power of a Healthy Image”

What does a Healthy Image mean to you? What is self-image and how does it affect our lives? Self-image is how you see yourself and what you believe other people think about you! This in not always the truth of what others believe about you but it is what you believe is what matters right […]